We are proud to represent artisans from all across the United States and other countries too! Showcasing the latest trends while remaining true to our brand is very important to us. You are always sure to find an array of interesting and unique items! Some of our favorite current vendors include Extasia jewelry, Scandal clothing, and Tano handbags.

Fire Finch has been a Nashville fixture since 2000.  That's a long time for a boutique to tantalize a town.  We recently left our  old Hillsboro Village location and moved to Church and 3rd to get a piece of the newness and fun of a revitalized downtown Nashville.  Our new digs are spacious, historic and a visual treat.  We can't wait to have you visit us so we can show you around. Don't worry about parking! We are surrounded by it. Or you can jump on a Metro bus...we're just 2 blocks from the new Music City Bus Terminal. (Susan has been taking the bus home to West Meade.) Best of all...the kitties are here, too!

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Susan Castle

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: I am the best buyer in town and have an eye like no other.


Years of experience: 6

Expertise: I know how to shake things up and break the mold!

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Years of experience: 6

Expertise: I can style the hell out of you!